The smarter way to keep everyone up-to-date.

An intelligent workforce begins with delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

Attensa makes it simple

For teams and entire organizations to stay on top of the information that matters in order to work smarter, more efficiently and maintain a competitive edge. No more hunting and gathering information or manually assembling and sharing content.

All your resources in one place

Aggregate public and private sources into one place and organize them to suit your organization. Finally a way to leverage all your information assets.


Create topics that contain the content that your team needs using Attensa’s state of the art tools. Its like the needles pop out of the haystack.

Secure access, anywhere, everywhere

Catalog sources and topics to suite your organization regardless of their origin.

Collective intelligence

Socialization and sharing are built in and encouraged regardless of how people engage with topics.

Search your archives across all topics and sources

Everything in Attensa – topics, sources, files, and all are indexed and archived so that you can find them instantly whenever you want. Once search box provides access across all sources.

Analyze and understand

With Attensa you can see what content is being used, what topics are getting the most attention and even how content is being shared. Analyze your entire Attensa site or just a single source or topic.

Reclaim the information advantage.

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