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2 reasons for not blogging

I’ve found there are generally two reasons for not blogging. In December through the first week of January I have been guilty of both.
Reason 1. You find your plate overflowing with multiple deadline driven tasks. In my case, it’s a string of announcements that start today and will carry through the next several weeks. These are the result of heads down, nose to grindstone development work by the Attensa team and collaboration with our partners.
Reason 2. You are on vacation. I spent the first week in January in Mexico with my family kayaking in the Gulf of California. Incredible trip. Remote, stunning scenery and off the grid. Fishing, long meditative paddles, treasured time with my wife and kids, delicious food and happy hour. Now that’s how I love to relax.
Check it out on Flickr.
I’m back and here we go.