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About Us

We’re a team of software innovators in Portland dedicated to addressing the widespread Attention Management issue

Attensa Leadership

Charlie Davidson

Founder & CEO

Director Schmitt Industries, Senior leadership positions at StatiaFX (cofounder, acquired by Financial Profiles), Crabbe Huson Group (acquired by Liberty Financial), Co-Operations (co-founder), attorney, Garvey, Schubert & Barer.
Hans Witt


Senior leadership positions at Haley Systems (co-founder, acquired by Oracle), Intel and Microsoft.
Blake Beisecker


Senior technical leadership positions at Jyte, Second Porch (acquired by Homeaway), and Snapnames.
Phil Craven

Principal Engineer

Senior engineering and engineering management at Marketo, Stayhound (founder), Benchmark Grading (CTO/founder), and SnapNames.
Chris Morton


Senior marketing and corporate development leadership positions at NAVEX Global, Thomson Reuters. Board member at 2 start ups with successful exits; currently on the Boards of DealVector and GroundTruth AG
Ron Sheridan

Director of Business Development

Leadership and senior business development positions at Kickstart Ventures (founder), Pree Media (co-founder), (CEO/co-founder), and (co-founder/Director of Business Development).

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