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Attensa and Kapow Webinar -= RSS Feeds Powerful Enabler for Data Syndication and Web 2.0 Apps


Data-Sources On September 6th at 8:30 am PDT see Kapow's Mashup Server and the Attensa Feed Server in action and join the conversation between Stefan Andreasen, Kapow's CTO and Charlie Davidson, Attensa's CEO as they discuss and demonstrate the ability to create feeds from any web based source using the Kapow Mashup Server and channel role based feeds to specific users and groups across the enterprise with the Attensa Feed Server.



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RSS is the cost-effective, innovative way to get access to and repurpose just about any web based content, both within the enterprise, or on the public web. We will explain why Web 2.0 application developers are embracing RSS as a flexible and powerful way to gain access to data and content embedded in web applications, and why the use of RSS is rapidly moving beyond its original design as a news syndication tool.

Attendees for this webinar will learn how to:

  • Quickly and easily create RSS or Atom feeds from any web based source

  • Use RSS to syndicate and synchronize data across the enterprise

  • Deploy role based access to RSS feeds & content

  • Visually organize RSS feeds into flexible views

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