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Attensa & SLA Past-President Cindy Romaine Join Forces to Deliver Next-Gen Information Services Platform

The partnership provides information professionals with a solution that delivers more relevant information — tailored to the unique requirements of an individual employee, customer or partner — cost effectively throughout an entire enterprise.

January 18, 2012, Portland, Oregon — Attensa, an innovator of information management solutions, and Cindy Romaine, 2011 past-president of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and principal of Romainiacs Intelligent Research, have formed a partnership to transform the
way businesses cope with information overload.

“From SLA’s Future Ready initiative, I learned first-hand how businesses of all sizes are suffering from information overload. The resulting paralysis significantly impacts productivity and impedes an organization’s ability to innovate and grow,” says Ms. Romaine. “I am partnering with Attensa because I believe they have the solution that information professionals and their customers have been clamoring for.”

“Research is confirming what we’ve long suspected,” Romaine added. In a recent study conducted by Intel Corporation, the company concluded that they lose $1 billion every year in lost productivity due to information overload. Similar research conducted by Basex, a recognized authority on the subject, concluded the total loss to U.S. firms could conservatively top $1 trillion annually.  Romaine continues: “I’m very impressed with Attensa’s approach to solving this huge problem. It’s very practical and delivers immediate business value.

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies is leading the fight against information overload by using Attensa StreamServer in their research and development efforts.

The problem: The research staff was being inundated by multiple alerts that were being delivered to them throughout the day.

The solution: Implemented Attensa StreamServer to aggregate alerts and deliver in a single email digest, organized by topic.

The result: A substantial reduction in emails combined with a more effective way to consume vital information.

“This is a great example of how Attensa optimizes a simple process resulting in a big impact. Our client describes the improvement in productivity as a ‘massive win’ for their organization,” notes Attensa’s Scott Quick, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions. “Attensa delivers measurable value that is both repeatable and scalable across an entire organization. We’re very excited about partnering with Romainiacs Intelligent Research, a recognized expert in information sciences.”

About Attensa
Attensa is an innovator of a new breed of information management solutions that gathers, organizes and delivers relevant information — tailored to the unique requirements of an individual employee, customer or partner — a process that can be easily and quickly repeated throughout your entire firm. Attensa customers include visionaries in the legal, pharmaceutical, life sciences and technology markets in the U.S. and Europe. For more information or to request a demonstration of the Attensa StreamServer, please visit or call U.S.
971.340.2000 ext 475 or UK +44 203.318.5284 ext 475.

About Romainiacs Intelligent Research
Romainiacs Intelligent Research is focused on information intense projects, knowledge management, and authoritative sourcing related to business needs. Cindy Romaine was the SLA President in 2011 and encouraged members to become Future Ready. For more information, please contact Cindy Romaine, Romainiacs Intelligent Research at 503-810-4890 or via email: Visit us on the web at

Attensa StreamServer: An Information Services Platform
Attensa StreamServer is an information services platform that delivers personalized information streams on an enterprise-wide scale, securely and cost effectively.

Using Attensa’s StreamServer, information professionals curate information from any source, inside or outside the enterprise. From this central location, they organize it into topics tailored to the specific needs of an employee, customer or partner. This personalized information stream is then securely delivered wherever people want it,  in email; via a company intranet or extranet; in social business applications; or, on a mobile device.

Not only does this centralized process scale to achieve measurable productivity gains, it also provides users with the ability to search, recommend, comment, tag and share information more effectively, which drives innovation and collaboration.

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