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Attensa at Lotusphere and Enterprise Information Management 2007

Divide and conquer.

Next week a large contingent (for a start-up anyway) of the Attensa team is heading to Lotusphere where attendees will get a sneak peek at some of the new features of Notes 8 and Domino 8. Peter O'Kelly of the Burton Group thinks, “it will be the most significant release of Notes in the last 10 years.” He ought to know, prior to the Burton Group, O'Kelly led the product management of Notes R4 at IBM.

IBM has been a pathfinder in bringing Web 2.0 technologies to business, and Attensa is an IBM design partner. We'll be debuting a mashup of the Attensa Feed Server with some new IBM Lotus products, a splash of precision search from the Real Time Matrix and other tasty ingredients. Sorry for beating around the bush. I can't go into detail until next week. If you are heading to Lotusphere look us up. We're in booth 714. If you want to schedule a meeting contact Brian Mulvaney. brian.mulvaney [at] attensa dot com – 425.736.2261.


I'll be heading to the Enterprise Information Management 2007 conference in San Francisco. My sense is the content of this conference is right in the cone. (I worked with a guy who was a submarine captain. He used the expression and I have made it my own). The session titles are great. Witness:

The Born Again Intranet: How We Had So Much Fun Doing It, That We Did It Again

Making Search Smarter: Getting Only The Information That You Need

and my favorite: Welcome Reception & Cocktail Party For All Attendees

If you are heading to EIM 2007 look me up. I'll be in booth 6. If you want to schedule a meeting contact me directly. sniesen [at] attensa [dot] com – 503.544.1095. I'll be demonstrating a new version of the Attensa Feed Server that will be announced in February and a new version of Attensa for Outlook.


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