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Attensa for Outlook 2.5 Beta – The Smart Way to Read RSS in Outlook 2007

Good news – Bad news – Good news

The goods news: With the integration of RSS into Vista and Outlook 2007, Microsoft is going to open the eyes of millions to the world of RSS as an essential communication tools.

The bad news: To be perfectly frank, the RSS experience in Outlook 2007 is lame.

The good news: We just posted Attensa for Outlook 2.5 Beta. It’s the smart way to read RSS in Outlook 2007.


Download the Attensa for Outlook 2007 Beta here. Of course it’s free.



If you are using Outlook 2007, here are 14 reasons why Attensa for Outlook 2.5 will give you a better experience reading and managing RSS feeds and articles in Outlook 2007. 

If you want more detail here’s the whole story.

1. Optimized Outlook Performance – Separate PST Files for RSS Feeds

2. Update feeds and delete articles on a defined schedule

3. Safe and secure subscriptions to internal and external feeds

4. Advanced Compatibility and synchronization with the Microsoft RSS Platform

5. Create, import and export OPML files

6. Automatically prioritize you feeds with predictive ranking AttentionStream

7. One click blog republishing and easy editing with a connection to Windows Live Writer

8. Automatically find, preview and add RSS RSS feeds from toolbars in Internet Explorer and Firefox

9. Powerful automated persistent search tools

10. Keep feeds organized with tagging and categories

11. Easily play audio and video content in the River of News

12. Desktop alert toaster

13. New security enhancements

14. Secure connectivity to internal and external web feeds and AttentionStream reporting with Attensa Feed Server.


We want to know what you think. The Attensa for Outlook 2.5 Beta Forum is here.