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Attensa for Outlook .98 – Categories, Images, Web Page View and 105 Bugs Fixed

Submitted for your consideration…Attensa for Outlook .98. Download it here.

What have we been doing since we launched .97?

  • Knocking down 105 bugs in a prioritized list starting with the “Criticals and crashers” and working our way down to the rarely annoying. We're not done yet. That's what .99 is for.
  • Improving performance in Outlook.  Faster launch and smoother integration when you use Word as your email editor.
  • Improving the publishing feature so it works consistently. Now publishing actually works with Blogger.
  • Fixing date and time issues.  Now international date formats make sense in Attensa for Outlook.
  • Adding new features like:
    • Categories: Attensa for Outlook now supports categories or hierarchical folders that keep your feeds organized. You can easily create folders and sub-folders, name them, and move feeds between folders. You can import and export OPML files and keep the folder structure intact. You can import OPML files from Newsgator and Intravnews and keep the same organization structure.
    • Image support: Images included with articles will show up and you won't have to right click to see them.
    • Web Page View: Now you can see the article source Web page without leaving Outlook. This is a great feature for feeds that just give you a snippet and don't support full text. With .98 you have a choice of three views: plain text, Attensa default (html, images) and Web Page Source View.

What's next, you ask?

  • Tag support: We are talking with Joshua Schachter, the author of, to integrate tagging in Attensa for Outlook. Tags are a great tool for creating a personal
    collection of links to Websites and blogs that you really like. You can categorize
    the links with keywords and share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others. It's an essential tool for increasing the value of your attention stream.
  • Invitation beta of Attensa for Web: the free online RSS reader providing a personal and privacy
    protected Web page for reading and managing RSS articles and
    subscriptions. Attensa for Web and Attensa for Outlook will use a uniquely scalable
    bi-directional synchronization system to keep subscriptions and
    articles up to date whether they are accessed from the Web or from
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