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Attensa & Real Time Matrix – Search Results Delivered with Extreme Prejudice

We met Jeff Whitehead and Jon Sofield of the Real Time Matrix at the Office 2.0 conference in October. We quickly hit it off and it became clear to all of us that the work they are doing with precision search technology using real-time matching and filtering and our attention driven prioritization are a perfect fit for helping enterprise users cut through information overload.

Today, Jon and Jeff are launching, a new breed of search engine (they descibe more accurately as a “matching engine and content router” that precisely matches and delivers personally relevant content from the web the instant it is published.

And today we are announcing our partnership with the Real Time Matrix. We’re coupling our persistent search capability from within Outlook and on our Feed Server with RTM’s sophisticated aggregation, matching and filtering technology to bring an indispensable research tool to our Enterprise customers. With the combined power of these search techniques business users can create precisely focused search channels that automatically and continuously deliver exactly the content they are searching for without duplication.
Jeff Whitehead says it best. “This technology cuts through information overload and puts control into the individuals’ hands. Users simply set up and refine their search criteria and we deliver accurate, relevant and timely results with extreme prejudice.”

With Attensa and Real Time Matrix researchers can search the past and filter the future by tuning their search criteria, in real time to deliver exactly the information they want without duplication, as soon as it is observed on the Internet.

Here are the specifics and next steps for our partnership.

First, we’ll be adding the search engine to the persistent search feature in Attensa for Outlook.
We will be adding persistent search and Real Time Matrix filtering to the Attensa Feed Server. With the new distributed admin feature, the power to create precision search feeds can be accessed by project teams throughout the enterprise.

Together with Real Time Matrix we will be offering custom integration for Enterprise accounts to tie Web and blog search with premium content and internal information search.
Here’s the Attensa and Real Time Matrix partnership news release.