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Attention and the Challenge of Social Scaling

Chuck Hollis writes about EMC's experience with Jive Software's Clearspace collaboration platform. With 3000 active users who don't want to miss anything, EMC has a new source of information overload. This isn't the first time we've heard about this phenomenon. In fact, we've given it a name – the challenge of social scaling. The emerging challenge of Social Scaling is the problem created when growing numbers of users and systems publish to a common location. As the volume of information increases within the community, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to manage.

attention cycle As Chuck points out, it's a good news – bad news story. The good news, people are hungry for tools that make sharing ideas, project updates, news and opinions easy. Clearspace is a great tool for doing just that. The bad news, a big noisy channel of unfiltered information develops and grows.

Putting Attention technology to work might just be answer. Using the intelligent prioritization capabilities of Attensa's feed readers, users can subscribe to multiple Clearspace community feeds, put them in a category folder and use the Article View to bring the most relevant articles to the top.

The attention filtering and prioritization is all done in the background based on your personal implicit and explicit reading behaviors and content cues from the posts that capture your attention. Users can rapidly scan through lots of information when the things they find most interesting bubble up to the top automatically.

For the community and the enterprise, attention analytics and reporting provided by the Attensa Feed Server can provide insight into identifying not only the most active communities, but the communities that provide the most meaningful and relevant content.

Throw in a seamless cycle of publish subscribe with the ability to publish into Clearspace with a click from your feed reader and you've got a collaboration ecosystem that can scale effectively.


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