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Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

by Charlie Davidson | Apr 8, 2019

Why can’t we all be briefed like the President?

by Charlie Davidson | Apr 4, 2019

It started with a simple question posed by a senior executive during a staff meeting. Blindsided a couple of times in the course of a month by information related to market events that should have been known to the team, the exec in frustration asked:

Going From Info Overload To Action

by Attensa | Dec 31, 2018

The Technology community has discussed and debated the impact of information abundance for many years. By itself, info abundance is simply a positive spin on information overload. It is the consequence of abundance on our business and professional lives (increasingly intertwined) that are interesting.

Ranking Information By Personal Relevancy

by Charlie Davidson | Jun 27, 2018

About a year ago we did a post entitled Relevancy – the killer app. The ability to personalize is essential to getting the modern digital work experience right. This has been true for years and is becoming more important as the amount of information and number of workplace silos grow.

Dear Marketers Can We Please Use The Term “Big Content”

by Charlie Davidson | Jun 12, 2018

Marketing always gets the good stuff. Despite that, I would like to officially request that the rest of us get to use the term “Big Content”. I am not claiming originality here but I started using the term Big Content a few years ago as an analogy to Big Data and a way to describe the challenge of coping with the flood of digital content in the workplace.