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Cindy Romaine discusses Best Practices for Overcoming Information Overload

Cindy Romaine will share here recent experience from participating in the myICANN project – a groundbreaking community portal leveraging the Attensa StreamServer for information management and current awareness.

Download the paper, join the web seminar.

Organizations of all sizes are rich in content – reports, news alerts, RSS feeds, wiki’s, videos, newsletters, blog posts, tweets etc. But for information consumers, a lack of organization and context creates a blur of information that causes frustration and makes it difficult to get work done.

JOIN US as we discuss how to solve information and collaboration challenges crucial to your community.

Download the Paper:
MyICANN: A case study in empowering communities through information managment by Cindy Romaine, Romainiacs Intelligent Research

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Please join Cindy Romaine and Attensa to talk about best practices for reducing information overload in organizations and her experiences in recent projects.

Wednesday, December 5
12:00 EST
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Cindy Romaine
Romainiacs Intelligent Research
Romainiaces Intelligent Research is focussed on information intense projects, knowlege management, and authoritative sourcing related to business needs. Cindy Romain was the SLA President in 2011 and encouraged members to become Future Ready. For more information, contact Cindy Romaine at