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De-geeking is a
great way to keep track of anything that captures your attention on the Web and
to share those things with people with similar interests. tags are
simply keywords you add to add context to RSS feeds, articles, Web pages, blog
posts, photos, even music you discover online. When you set up your bookmark
page on, not only can you see the pages you've you tagged, you can
also see related articles from other people who tagged the same pages or used
the same tags as you have. Since every page has an RSS feed you can
also subscribe feeds based on a given subject, user, URL, or tag.

You can use tags to organize
information you find interesting, but the real magic of is in its
social network. Simply put, is a powerful tool for sharing your
attention. I am frequently surprised with the great material I find by
exploring the articles that have captured the attention of other users.

When you find a user who seems
to have a gift for finding great material you can subscribe to a feed and every
new article tagged by that user is sent right to folder in Attensa. In searching on attention, attention.xml and I ran across Steve Gilmorr's bookmarks. Now I'm automatically
receiving any post regarding the subject of attention that Steve thinks is
worth tagging. It's better than searching. There is something inherently better
about the articles suggests. It's a pure crystal attention stream.

OK. I'll admit it. When I first went to check out I got a wicked case of MEGO (my eyes glaze over). I couldn't figure out what was going on until Eric
walked me through it. I don't think I'm alone in saying is cryptic. But, once you get the hang of it, opens up
new doors.

We are using Attensa to de-geek the process
of adding tags. You can add tags to articles using a pull down list
in Attensa for Outlook and by using the Attensa Toolbar for Internet Explorer. When
you tag articles with Attensa your bookmark list on is updated and
synchronized automatically.

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