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Enterprise 2.0 Scare Tactics

There’s a scary headline in the New York Times today: Enterprise 2.0 A Computer Security Nightmare?

skull The article stems from a research report issued by Palo Alto Networks, a start-up developing next-generation firewalls.  The report shows that traditional firewall technology is not keeping pace with proliferation of Web apps.

Rather than tightening the screws, maybe there’s a better answer. Companies embracing and implementing Enterprise 2.0 applications behind the firewall take control, manage the process, keep their proprietary information secure, energize their workforce and reap the collaboration and communication benefits that come from creatively using social networking software to get work done.

Managed RSS platforms can be securely set up behind the firewall to automatically and intelligently deliver relevant content from internal and external news sources, blogs, wikis and forums. Analytics and reporting on the content being consumed can be used to identify the most efficient communication channels and sources of the highest value content. And, the organization keeps their data safely on their network and hardware.