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Enterprise RSS Changes the Equation

Here's more on our friend Patrick Slesinger and the Wallem team. In an article published in the print version of Computerworld Hong Kong, Patrick reveals more on how Wallem is making the cultural transition from email centric communications to a managed published-subscribe environment.

einstein To speed adoption, Wallem encourages employees to leverage their personal interest in Web 2.0 technologies and tools. In the case of RSS, Wallem employees are encouraged to add feeds tied to their personal interests, sports and news. "People use it in their leisure activities, and will be naturally interested in using the same thing at work."

But it's not all fun and games. Wallem's managed procurement publish-subscribe environment is designed to deliver dynamic content by role and relevance at each step in the process. Here's where the he role of managed RSS gets serious. In Patrick's view, "These aren't subscriptions. They are must-read information."

The attention analytics provided by the Attensa FeedServer give Wallem management insights into the information employees value and how much time they spend reading content in different channels. This helps prioritize feeds to provide the Wallem team with the information they need to get the job done.

Wallem is changing the information availability equation from: "Is the information available?" to: "Are people taking advantage of the information available?'

You can get the article here.

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