Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Attensa WorkSpace and how long does it take to set up?

Each team or organization has its own Attensa WorkSpace.  This is your own digital space to view and create Topics with your team and others you invite.  Your WorkSpace is private and you’ll be able to configure it to match the preferences of you and your organization.  And, with the aid of helpful prompts, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

How are content sources handled?

Aggregation of content from diverse sources is a foundation for how Attensa enables Topics.  Included in your subscription is access to thousands of public sources from our resource library.  You can also add your own sources, such as news, databases, & journals, open or purchased from publishers.  Attensa ingests these to your WorkSpace using a variety of protocols, adaptors or the Attensa API. The platform also includes tools to manage access, retention periods and integrate with link resolvers, etc.

How is Attensa different than off-the-shelf RSS solutions?

Attensa significantly extends the capabilities of RSS and RSS-based systems.  You can add RSS feeds to Attensa and import your existing RSS feeds via an OPML file.  Unlike RSS readers, Attensa Topics enable you to refine collections of RSS feeds to match your interests, saving significant time. And because Attensa is built for teams, it is easy to share Topics and insights, unlike RSS based solutions where each user operates in their own silo.

Can I do searches on Attensa?

Yes, Attensa enables search across your Topics, as well as across all available content.  This makes Attensa a very powerful tool for federated search. Even better, if you would like to be notified of new search results as they occur, you can simply create and save the new Topic from your search.

What is an Attensa Topic?

Your Topics can be on any subject – narrow or broad.  For each Topic, you tell Attensa about your interest and it suggests the best sources and provides semantic tags to help you refine the results to fit your interests.  You’ll be able to change the sources and filters anytime.  Once your Topic is set up, Attensa takes care of the rest, radically reducing the effort required to stay informed.  You and your team follow (i.e. subscribe to) Topics that interest them and are automatically notified of new, relevant information.  In addition, the Topic provides an organized collection of content that can be reviewed, discovered and shared over time.

What is an Attensa Briefing?

Your Attensa Briefing pulls together any new content, ranked for relevance, on all the Topics you follow and delivers it on any scheduled basis – typically daily or weekly.  Attensa Briefings are personalized for each user and can be delivered via email or be created to keep Slack Channels up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

How is Attensa different than Google Alerts?  Can I use my existing Alerts with Attensa?

A Google Alert does not allow you to select sources and, for many subjects, is very difficult to refine.  In addition, each Google Alert is separate for each user. Attensa software is designed to solve these issues.  And by simply incorporating Google Alerts as sources to a Topic via the RSS option, you can benefit from your previous time investment, but now also refine the Alerts, share them and make them more useful.

What do the orange dots next to content mean?

The number of orange dots represents the likely relevance of an article to that individual, based on their previous reading activity, as calculated by our proprietary ML / AI software.  More orange dots indicates higher relevancy.

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