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Feed Reading Best Practice – Part Four

Fourth in a series from Attensa. The first time you execute a persistent search you can bring on a firehose of information. Here are some tips for controlling the flow.

Don???t select every search engine. Use the search engines that are likely to deliver the most useful results.

Tagging Search Engines

  • tags is a refined tool because the tagged results have already been filtered by users searching similar topics

Blog Search

  • Start with multiple engines then pare them down to eliminate duplicates
    • Google Blogs
    • Technorati
    • Feedster
    • Plazoo
    • News Releases
    • Yahoo! News

Image Search Engines

  • Flickr

Video Search Engine

  • YouTube

Create a sub-category labeled with the search text to help organize the results and to help you identify the most useful results. Delete search feeds that are delivering off target or duplicates. Narrow your search terms to more precisely define your search parameters and focus your results.

Once the search is refined you will be able to quickly scan the results a daily basis for

Use Attensa for Outlook to Read Feeds Offline

A popular analogy for feed reading is that Web feeds are like a Tivo for the Internet. With Attensa for Outlook you can time shift to read your feeds when you have the time. Having your articles available offline gives you more flexibility to catch up than by relying on a browser reader that requires an Internet connection.

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