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Feed Reading Best Practice – Part Two

Second in a series from Attensa.

Organize and Categorize

The key is to organize your feeds so that the most important information is easy to access. Organize your feeds based around projects you are working on, your job role, teams you are involved with and keywords or topics that are relevant to you.

With Attensa for Outlook and the Feed Server it is easy to create a taxonomy and folder structure to help you keep your feeds grouped logically by subject. You can easily create folders and sub-folders, name them, and move feeds between folders. You can keep your feeds organized by simply dragging and dropping Outlook folders.

Make a ???Must Read??? folder for feeds you can???t afford to miss. When you are in a time crunch just scan through your Must Read folder and leave the others for later.

Give your feeds meaningful titles. Most blogs have clever names that have some significance to the author but don???t mean much to the readers. You can easily change the feed name to something that makes sense to your own organization or system.

Channel Feeds to the Access Points That Make Sense

Attensa gives you the ability to channel your feeds to folders in Attensa for Outlook, to your Outlook inbox, to a browser reader connected to the Attensa Feed Server, to your mobile phone and to Sametime Instant Messaging.

Think about how, when and where you want to access your feeds. Time critical information requiring instant response should trigger a desktop alert and connect to Outlook, your phone and Sametime. News content can be channeled to Outlook and the Web reader.

With Attensa???s AttentionStream synchronization, you???ll always be up to date regardless of where you are reading. The Attensa AttentionStream synchronization monitors every action so updating feeds, reading and deleting articles, subscribing to new feeds and adding tags are instantly synchronized in Outlook, Onlineand on your mobile phone or PDA, and in Sametime.

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