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Flog Blog: Web Feed Filtering and Security

Attensa 2.1 makes a leap forward in giving control to the desktop user over whether potentially harmful scripts embedded in feed articles can execute.
Although feed subscriptions are less of a risk because, unlike the spam that fills our email boxes every day, we???ve actually asked, or in the case of pushed Enterprise feeds, a department decision-maker has asked on our behalf for the feed articles. But most of us want to know if scripts are running in the articles we???re viewing, and many of us would turn them off, given the choice.
Attensa???s new content filtering feature allows the user to control when and where they see content generated by scripting, iFrames, CSS, and other executable code publishers might include in the body of an article.
P.S. My boss made me write this. I also put up a How To on Article Content Filtering on our support site.