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Maximizing the value & use of your content has never been more important, or more challenging

Uplevel and extend your current value proposition to earn more customer business

Attensa’s platform will help your customers get more value from your content

Integrate Attensa’s platform into your offering and expand your customers’ discoverability and usage

Attensa enables publishers to dynamically organize, personalize and deliver content across customers’ increasingly complex digital workspaces

Leap frog your competition by licensing Attensa’s proven, innovative technology

The Issues You Face

Your product was built on the old concept / paradigm of db search and retrieve. You didn’t invest early and now you don’t have the time, capital or expertise to catch up. Competitors are already using AI proactive push.
Siloed content makes integration difficult. Customers want integration of all sources.
Difficulty knowing / measuring / demonstrating the value of your content & offering by user.
Customers’ users expect their content in new channels, and when they want it.

Proven Attensa Value Add

ML / AI personalized recommendation engine pushes and prioritizes relevant content that each individual user values. Extensive API options for delivery to other systems / custom solutions.
Sophisticated but simple-to-implement ingestion engine spanning free, open, pay-for and internal content. Extensive API options for content integration.
Detailed usage & ROI analytics. Easy integration into business intelligence tools for analysis by customer and individual user.
Proven delivery options include Slack, MS Teams and all contemporary desktop and hand-held options. Ready for future digital workplace strategies.

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