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Free is a very good price


Tom Peterson is a Portland retailing legend who has used the rallying cry "Free is a very
good price"
to drum up sales for his furniture and appliance stores
for nearly four decades.

While we agree with Tom that free is indeed a great
price, it's not the only price and it may not be the best price. Tom went out
of business in 1992 and has been struggling to rebuild his "empire" ever since.

Since Attensa for Outlook is in beta we are frequently
asked questions about pricing like this one from from EricB on the Attensa
support forum – "Can you tell me approximately (ballpark figure  is
enough) what the cost of the Attensa Reader for Outlook will be?"

As we continue to work on the fit and finish of Attensa
for Outlook and work to bring Attensa for Web online, we are looking at a pricing model
that will take into account different use models based on how customers will use
one or more of Attensa RSS clients.

Right now there are three prices that need to be set.

1. Attensa for Outlook RSS reader

2. Attensa for Web – our upcoming online service that
will allow you to read and manage your feeds and articles online.

3. Attensa for Outlook used with Attensa for Web – both
access points will use the Attensa RSS engine and our multi-directional
true-syncing capability to ensure that articles read, filed and
deleted are treated consistently across all of the clients.

Before we go too far down the wrong path, we'd like to
get your ideas on what a fair pricing model would be.
How should we
structure pricing?

I know, you're thinking there's not enough information here to be meaningful. My feeling is, if EricB. can ask for a ballpark figure so can we.

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