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Good News – Bad News Vendors Adding Feed Reading Capabilities

 This is from Mike Gotta at Collaborative Thinking on Zimbra adding a Feed Reader

“The good news: many vendors are adding feed reader capabilities to their client platforms.

The bad news: many vendors are adding feed reader capabilities to their client platforms.

If you are an enterprise organization and looking at feed readers across varies collaboration, portal and content systems – remember – there are a lot of architectural and infrastructure issues to consider in terms of security, network management, feed management, etc. There are also some really important user needs as well – including synchronization of feeds across multiple client user experiences, including read/unread marks, etc. If you are committed to a Windows client, then look to see if the vendor is integrating with the Windows RSS Platform. If you are using a more complete end-to-end XML Syndication systems, then make sure that the vendor providing the client reader is able to integrate with those vendors as well.

What you really want to avoid is a potpourri of clients all handing RSS/Atom feeds differently (each well in its own right but chaotic when viewed as a collection of feed services).”

At Attensa we believe the platform is the product and that integrated readers built using a consistent architecture are essential to a well managed end-to-end XML syndication system. The Attensa Managed RSS Environment delivers clean, consistent synchronization, control over directing specific feeds to users and groups, multiple readers providing pervasive access to feeds, intelligent prioritization, scalability and reporting an analytics.

As our line of readers grows we are now offering multiple ramps to provide pervasive access to Enterprise RSS feeds. Our reader line-up includes a full featured Windows desktop reader and Outlook reader(download them here – they’re free), a reader for Sametime Instant Messaging for alerts and time sensitive collaborative feeds and a Web reader integrated with the Attensa Feed Server. They all use the same architecture to facilitate “knowledge flow.”