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IBM Redefines Collaboration With New Lotus Notes and Domino Platform…and with a little help from Attensa and friends

Here's a link to IBM's news release announcing the new Lotus Notes and Dominos platform and Attensa is honored to be part of the launch.

IBM Redefines Collaboration With New Lotus Notes and Domino Platform

Out of about 50 companies invited to participate in the Lotus Notes 8 Beta 1program (codename: Hannover), Attensa is one of only a handful of independent software vendors participating in the beta.

IBM has been a pathfinder in bringing Web 2.0 technologies to business and Attensa, an IBM design partner, is supporting IBM???s vision by building a mashup called the HannoverDJ which we debuted today at Lotusphere.

The HannoverDJ is an easy to use tool based on the Attensa Feed Server and IBM???s Hannover Application that combines the power of activity based computing with Web feed technology to deliver the right information, to right people, at the right time for the right activity.

The mashup gives users — the information DJs — command over information coming from multiple information platforms that are interdependent, but often loosely defined and uncoupled.

The DJ can easily create custom information channels (custom feeds) by mixing disparate but highly relevant information sources (e.g., a leadership profile with a contact from the CRM, project specific Real Time Matrix filtered persistent search results with project milestones, deadlines and action items) into a single custom web feed. The information DJ simply selects the items from feed enabled information sources that are most relevant and creates a new ???superfeed.??? Creating superfeeds is a simple point-and-click task. The DJ channels the superfeed to people or teams needing the information.

Team members can receive, track and manage the information in a ???River of News??? feed reader in Notes. Time sensitive, actionable feeds can be channeled to Sametime instant messaging. Users can close the loop on activities by adding and updating the Activities server with a Sametime response agent provided by Vayusphere IM technology.

Response has been terrific. The DJ is a finalist for the IBM Lotus CTO award which recognizes (I'm quoting here. Even I can't make this stuff up.) “those visionary IBM Business Partners who are leading the charge in exploiting Lotus' latest collaborative capabilities in innovative, leading-edge, and exciting new ways. These best-of-a-kind solutions will be drivers in tomorrow's new markets, fostering innovation, and at an ingenuity level above the normal boundaries.”


You can learn more about Attensa and our mashup partners here:


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