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Information Sharing is the Grease in Workplace Collaboration

We've written a new Point of View on how the smart delivery of highly relevant information can stimulate new ideas, accelerate projects and move them into new productive directions. You can download it here.

Workplace collaboration continues to be an important theme these days but there’s a significant omission in how many observers approach and discuss the topic – the role of relevant information as the spark that lights the fire of meaningful collaboration.

Organization leaders are working with a dynamic environment of technology, demographics and work style shifts in their efforts to knock down silos and create a more collaborative workplace.

With the changes in the wider business environment, organizations are right to focus on driving improved team collaboration. And all the activities outlined above have their place. But here’s what’s missing: most of the discussion treats information as a “binary” input to the process of collaboration. You either have it or you don’t.

To be truly useful, relevant information must be easily delivered and shared with team members. Not just shared but re-shared, discussed, annotated, debated, challenged, and finally, agreed-upon. People must truly connect and engage with the information that matters to them.

Take a deeper dive download our new POV and learn how Attensa’s built-in collaboration tools maximize team interaction around topics and content making it easy to share ideas, insights and create intelligence.

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