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Making an arss of ourselves?

this made my day.

d3parture and Fr. Simon at Parish Life are finding hidden meaning (well, maybe not so hidden) in our toolbar icons for IE and Firefox.

ArseMaybe we'll fix it. Maybe we won't because we're still laughing.

The good news is they like Attensa for Outlook.

From Father Simon — "Hurrah therefore for Attensa
which links with Outlook and delivers new posts to my chosen blogs in
my inbox. It works well apart from the difficulty with UK date format,
but I can forgive it that."

And from d3parture — "I have been using Attensa for
a while now to gather up all the news, info, talk ideas etc from
websites and blogs into outlook for me. It's a great program and makes
reading web based material a whole lot easier… less clicking."

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