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New Version of the Attensa Feed Server – Integrates publishing, precision search, new feed reports for enterprise RSS

It just keeps getting better. On the heels of our Attensa Feed Server 1.1 announcement in February, let me introduce to you – the Attensa Feed Server 1.2.

There are a lot of great new features and capabilities that integrate publishing, search and discovery tools all focused on collaboration.

Here’s a run down on the big new features. You can see more screenshots here. You can read the Attensa Feed Server 1.2 news release here.

Effortlessly Create Custom Feeds and Publish Content Using Email Clients

With the newest version of the Attensa Feed Server, users can publish, distribute and read Web feeds using Microsoft Outlook or other email clients. Users can easily create custom feeds and use their email client to write and forward content to the newly created feeds. Content can be added to the feed as easily as forwarding an email.

Enhanced Attention Reporting – Feed Rankings and Discovery

Managers, team leaders and admins can access new reports based on Attensa???s unique AttentionStream analytics. Community feeds can be ranked by the number of subscribers. Users with permission can discover and easily subscribe to new feeds. Reports can be used to identify must-read feeds and the most effective communications channels for getting information to specific users and groups. Detailed Attention reports are searchable based on feeds, groups and users.

Three Search Tools and Techniques to Discover and Channel Highly Relevant Content

Search Feeds and Articles Stored on the Feed Server

Users can search across feeds and articles stored on the feed server and easily subscribe to new feeds that capture their attention.

Search the Open Web with Persistent Search Tools

We’ve integrated precision search resulting from our partnership with the Real Time Matrix. Administrators and users can set up dynamic searches across 18 Web, blog and social network search engines. The ability to add search from premium content providers is also available. Search feeds are hosted on the server and can be channeled to specific users and groups. Users can add new searches through the Attensa Feed Server???s Web reader.

Simply typing search keyword queries once will launch searches across multiple search engines. Search results are updated automatically on a continuous basis.

Search Custom Content Channels Using Precision Search Tools

Users can create precisely focused search channels that automatically and continuously deliver exactly the content they are searching for without duplication. Precision search differs from conventional indexing searches by matching and filtering results in real time. Researchers can fine tune their search criteria, in real time, to deliver exactly the information they are searching for as soon as it is observed on in the content channel.

Designed for Scaling Efficiency and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Attensa Feed Server scales more efficiently than conventional clustered server approaches used in competitive enterprise RSS solutions. The server uses Attensa???s AttentionStream??? processing to intelligently manage and direct workload demands to task specific servers. AttentionStream processing running on the Linux OS lowers TCO by requiring fewer servers to support workloads and reduces software licensing costs.

Want to see a Feed Server 1.2 demo? We can do that for you.