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Not all Enterprise 2.0 Apps Created Equal

Ask 275 IT decision makers which Web 2.0 applications have the highest business value and they’ll tell you RSS and podcasting have the best ROI. Forrester surveyed 275 IT professionals on their firms’ Web 2.0 implementations and found that Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, is the highest value technology, with nearly one in four reporting “substantial value.”

According to the report, RSS is being used most frequently for corporate communications or content aggregation, while one in three respondents said it was used for external marketing.

These applications are just scratching the surface. Kirk Kness, the VP of Innovation at T Rowe Price Investment Technologies has great way of thinking about the role of managed RSS platforms like the Attensa Feed Server in the Enterprise.

“The most important task on our plate is to make our people smarter by making our information smarter. RSS will be a cornerstone in our foundation. It reduces friction in the context of what people do. RSS is a great way to flow information.”