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Outlook 2007 is slow. Break the Bottleneck with Attensa for Outlook 2.5.

The word is out. Just Google “Outlook 2007 is slow” and you'll see what I mean.

The Burton Group's Peter O'Kelly in a ComputerWorld article thinks the way Outlook handles RSS may be part of the problem, and he's right.

“Peter O'Kelly, an analyst at Burton Group in Midvale, Utah, said he thinks some of the sluggishness arises from Microsoft's decision to let users download RSS feed data into Outlook's local e-mail file in the form of either a .pst or .ost file.

Adding RSS feeds can quickly swell the in-boxes of many users to more than 2GB of data, according to O'Kelly. He said that causes Outlook 2007, especially when it's running on PCs that don't have large amounts of memory, to write to the hard drive much more often than it typically does — resulting in performance slowdowns. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to better tune that part of the software before the next major release, O'Kelly said.”

You don't have to wait for Microsoft. Attensa for Outlook bypasses the Outlook 2007 RSS bottleneck. Attensa for Outlook 2.5 streamlines the interaction between the user interface and the Attensa engine to significantly improve the RSS handling performance of Outlook 2007. To further optimize Outlook performance, the new version offers Outlook 2007 users two options for channeling articles into Outlook. User can stores their articles in a separate file or they can bypass Outlook???s storage completely by pulling articles on demand into the Attensa for Outlook River of News. Both methods speed up Outlook performance significantly and cut PST file bloat which drags down Outlook performance. You can download the Attensa for Outlook 2.5 beta here.

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