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Partner with Attensa to deliver innovative products and solutions for the information abundant world

Do you offer, or are planning to build information based products or solutions? Our platform can enhance your offering and accelerate the development of key features

Attensa helps partners to differentiate their products and solutions by enabling them to dynamically organize, personalize, and deliver content across customers’ increasingly complex digital workspaces

The Attensa platform makes important information more visible, accessible, and enables people to be more productive with their limited attention.

We work with product teams, solutions providers, and internal development teams to help them provide more value to their customers, save time, and lower costs.  


Aggregate and unify content from separate sources, content management systems, and applications.

Attensa’s flexible aggregation capability enables content from disparate sources to be consolidated for unified management and repackaging based on customer or solution needs.


Make sense out of the continuous flow of content using semantic analysis and tagging.  

As content is aggregated, it is analyzed and tagged to make organization simple regardless of origin.


Deliver customized content streams based on customer needs.  

Use Attensa to dynamically combine sources then filter and refine them to match any subject matter or customer need. 


Personalize and recommend content based on individual preferences and histories.  

Understand each user's interest and utilize first person profiles that enable the delivery of highly relevant information and recommendations.


Deliver information seamlessly across workplace communications channels.

Deliver information to the appropriate workplace channels and applications including browser, email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and via API.


Understand how people are engaging, what information is getting attention, and what topics are important to your audiences.  

Attensa analytics provide insight into information use and the topics that are important to a particular audience.

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