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Paying Attention to Your Attention

Today we spoke with Seth Goldstein, the chair of, to learn more about the fast moving, nascent organization. is out to create a common ground for technology providers and marketers to help consumers understand and protect the value of their attention data.

Here are the essential tenets of the AttentionTrust creed.

Property:  I own my attention and I can store it securely in private.
  I can move my attention wherever I want whenever I want to.
  I can pay attention to whomever I wish and be paid for it.
:  I can see how my attention is being used

In talking with Eric Hayes, our VP of R&D, our goal is to support these tenets by providing a central place for members of the Attensa RSS Network to review and manage their attention data.

We are also commited to protecting attention data and providing full disclosure and transparency of how attention data is collected. Attensa Network Attention owners will have control over what is included in their attention data, who sees their attention data and how the attention data is used.

In return for permission to anonymously analyze attention streams we will help you realize the "Less is More" goal of providing you with fewer more relevant feeds and articles. You'll be given options to help prioritize your feeds and articles based on your usage patterns or by taking advantage of the priorities and recommendations based on the collective wisdom of the Attensa RSS community.

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