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About Your Personal Briefing

Your personal briefing provides updates on the topics you follow. It is organized by topic and only includes new items since the last briefing you received. It will save you time and help you focus on relevant, new information. 

Your briefing will initially be sent daily but you can control both the frequency and time of day of your briefing. To help you get the most from your briefing we've described the features and settings below. If you have any other questions or suggestions please contact us at

What's included?

Your briefing will contain items that are new since your last briefing for each of the topics you follow. If there are no new items when the briefing is sent the topic will not be listed in the briefing. 

When is it sent?

Your briefing will be sent once per day if there are new items in the topics you’re following. You can change the time and the frequency as well as other aspects of your briefing in your personal settings.

Briefing On/Off – turn your briefing on or off using the toggle.

Subject line of email – customize the subject line to make it easy to spot in your inbox.

Frequency – set how often you would like the briefing to be sent. The default is daily.  

Timezone – adjust your timezone.

Send time – set the time of day you would like your briefing to be prepared and sent.

How to get the full article

Each article is summarized in your briefing with options for accessing the original article. Selecting the title of the article will link you to the original item. Below each summary you will also see options to open the item in the Attensa app or go directly to the source. 

Selecting Attensa will open the article in your home view. It provides additional tools and benefits such as recommendations of similar articles. There are also options for sharing, rating, and tools for bookmarking and curation.

What do the orange dots mean?

The orange dots next to the item indicate the predicted relevance of the item to you. This is based on your previous interactions with articles. The rank is intended to be a guide to help you recognize the items that are likely to be important to you. Attensa learns over time and takes into consideration your interactions across all topics. During your first few sessions with Attensa you may see significant changes in the rankings.

Additional questions

If you have additional questions or need help please email us at

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