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Privacy Please

Your feedback on pricing has been incredibly useful and has helped us clarify a number of issues. We are coming up with a pricing model that we think is fair and can be justified based on the wise council we have received from your comments. Stay tuned.

Now we'd like to get your ideas on a new breed of privacy policy that makes sense given
the unique nature of the RSS publish/subscribe model.  A new privacy policy must balance protecting the privacy of the individual (subscribers) with the value in sharing attention streams anonymously and in aggregate with publishers so they can they can deliver more relevant up-to-the-minute
information and fulfill the promise that less is more.

Attensa can only succeed by earning the trust of our community and we can do that only if we:

  • Adhere to the strictest code of ethics
  • Are transparent in our privacy policy and behavior
  • Are willing to undergo public scrutiny

Here are the principles behind the privacy statement we are thinking about

  • A commitment not to sell personal information to anyone, ever.
  • Complete transparency regarding the information we collect and how it is collected including the steps we take to protect personal information
  • A multi-level permission based, opt-in system for sharing attention data
  • A description of the type of information that may be shared with publishers to help them deliver more relevant content
  • A description of the types of communication users can expect from Attensa
  • A description of the precautions we take to safeguard data

The question is what are we missing?

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