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Attensa Topics. What do you want to know?

In Attensa, content is organized by topic instead of the source. Best of all the topics can be about anything that is import to you, your team, or organization.
Easy to create, topics collect relevant sources and refine the results to match specific interests using key terms you provide combined with Attensa’s natural language processing and machine learning. Topics are continuously updated and the results automatically delivered to the topics followers using the channel of their choice.
Whether you create your topics or follow those created by teammates or experts in Attensa’s Topic Exchange – the freshest, most relevant information automatically follows to you.

Personalized briefings help you know what others don’t – in minutes a day

Briefings deliver personalized updates on the topics you follow so you can focus on what’s important to you saving time and avoiding hassle.
Briefings are available across channels including your browser, email, and inside apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams.
Briefings with curated topics are also a great way to inform and engage others inside and outside your company, customers, partners, and members.

Work smarter together in shared workspaces

It’s crazy to think how much time is wasted and the key information that is overlooked when every member of a team fends for themself.
In Attensa topics and resources are centralized in a workspace that can be shared by teams, groups or entire companies making it easy for everyone to discover and follow the topics that matter to them. The range of briefing options means that each member can also personalize how they receive updates – critical for modern digital workplaces.
Everyone also benefits from analytics that highlight trending items, provide peer recommendations, and more.

Ranking & recommendation

Attensa’s analytics understand the meaning of content and people’s interests enabling completely new and better experiences.
Personal relevance rankings help you quickly spot relevant items based on your attention graph that consistency learns and evolves.
Items similar to what you read are automatically surfaced and recommended making it effortless to discover related relevant content.
Recommendations based on your attention graph expand perspective by highlighting items that are likely to be interesting to you regardless of the topic or source they are in.

Rely on the sources you know and trust

The world does not need new information sources, it needs better ways of exploiting the sources we have.
Attensa provides a central place to manage your trusted sources along with a catalogue of high-quality public sources to start. Add your own sources and Attensa will help you maximize their value and stay compliant in your use.
Each source is automatically aggregated and analyzed using natural language processing – creating an incredibly rich and flexible content set that is unique and private to your workspace.

Curation superpowers

When curation is desired, Attensa makes it simple and powerful. Combining Attensa’s topic refinement capabilities with human curation is like having curation superpowers.
For any desired topic Attensa automatically combines and filters sources to create a list of relevant items. Curators can then review and with a single action select the items to be shown to others. Items can be shared from one topic to another with the option of adding a commentary or highlight. This approach makes it possible to review and curate topics in minutes that audiences will love.
Curation is particularly valuable for topics that are used to inform and engage external audiences such as members, customers or partners.

Smart Searching

While topics eliminate the need for many repetitive searches, search remains an important tool.
When you need to, search across thousands of trusted public and private sources with one query. Start with text or Attensa’s semantic meaning tags to find matching items.
You can save searches as topics and they will be continuously updated along with all the other benefits that topics provide.

Attention graphs and analytics

As you engage with content in Attensa a personal attention graph is created based on your interests. Then it goes to work helping you focus on what matters with relevancy rankings and recommendations. It’s like having an AI-powered assistant 24/7.
For teams, attention analytics highlight trending items and recommend relevant content based on the collective participation of your teammates.

Quickly focus on the information that matters

Keep up in a fraction of the time spent today with modern awareness tools.
Topics with new items since you last read them are highlighted so you can quickly identify what is new.
New items in the topics you follow are marked so that you can quickly scan them.
Sort items using the relevancy ranking to bring the items predicted the be most relevant to the top.
Scan your personal “recent” stream to see a consolidated list of new items across all of your topics.

Enterprise needs?

The foundation of Attensa was built in collaboration with some of the worlds largest and most innovative companies. In addition to scaling technically, we understand the need for businesses processes that scale and flexibility to integrate and adapt to the diverse needs that different groups have within the businesses.
Contact us if you would like to discuss integration, customization, authentication, link resolution, security or other requirements you may have.

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