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Putting the Flow in Enterprise 2.0

James Dallow at Chief Tech asks "Why aren’t we getting enterprise RSS yet?" Maybe it’s because no one in the industry has clearly articulated the real business value of a managed RSS ecosystem. So here’s Attensa’s crack at getting the message through.

rss sphere Let’s start with a blinding flash of the obvious. Information Moves. It moves markets, innovation, time to market, price, profits and productivity. Enterprise RSS moves information. Enterprise 2.0 tools enable people to easily work together to share ideas, develop solutions, improve work processes and solve problems. Building a collaborative network can have a profound impact on your teams’ abilities to anticipate market trends and accelerate implementation. Effective collaboration expands the size and scope of projects and the number of projects that can be handled simultaneously. Use it well and you can get products and services to market faster and outpace competitors. A managed feed environment is at the heart of an effective collaborative network. It is a critical tool that automatically and intelligently gets the right information to the right people at the right time and can free organizations to move faster than ever before.

Think of it this way. RSS, ATOM and XML put the flow in Enterprise 2.0. Enterprise RSS is at the foundation of the collaborative infrastructure. It provides secure, clutter free communication channels that enable knowledge workers, partners and customers to more effectively receive, act on and collaborate around high-value and high-priority information. By automatically, instantly and intelligently delivering the most up to date information to everyone involved, team members can identify and act on opportunities and threats faster and decrease response time from minutes to seconds.

A managed RSS ecosystem:

  • Is the backbone of a collaborative publish subscribe infrastructure
  • Receives and channels information from a variety of sources (open web content, subscription content, content management systems, business applications and messaging systems) to targeted users and groups
  • Connects to internal and external content and data sources
  • Provides information security
  • Connects to existing communication tools (email, IM, web browser, portals, mobile devices)
  • Provides secure, synchronized access anywhere on any device
  • Works with your existing related infrastructure to provide a complete end-to-end communications platform.