About a year ago we did a post entitled Relevancy – the killer app.  The ability to personalize is essential to getting the modern digital work experience right.  This has been true for years and is becoming more important as the amount of information and number of workplace silos grow.

Attensa’s platform addresses the need to manage the ever-increasing number of interactions between people and workplace content. Unless there are tools separate the signal and the noise it is likely that problem gets worse, not better.  The tools do not have to be complicated.

The video below shows a simple feature implemented in the Attensa app (and available in the API) that sorts items by personal relevancy ranking.  Relevancy predictions are based on personal profiles and the sort eliminates unranked items and then presents the items based on rank and date.  This results in significant time saving and reduces the likelihood of missing the items that matter.









The information related to the coronavirus outbreak and its consequences is overwhelming and it is difficult to obtain a full view.  


Attensa Topic Briefings solve this problem by gathering information from reliable sources, organizing it by topic and delivering personalized briefings summarizing new stories. 


We are making a special Coronavirus Attensa site available publicly.  Membership to the site is free.  


Go to www.coronavirus.attensa.net


Select “Register” in the upper right


Select “Follow” for the topics that you would like to receive updates


Visit the site at any time for updates.  You’ll find the most recent stories for the topics you follow on our Home View.  Your briefings will be delivered daily with the new stories.  


If there are topics you feel would be helpful for you and others please share your thoughts with us at support@attensa.com


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Team Attensa

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