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Real Time Matrix – In the Corporate World Relevance Matters

Dennis Howlett had a follow-up discussion with Jeff Whitehead and shares more insight into the power of precision persistent search.

Yesterday I had a conversation with Jeff Whitehead, CEO of RealTimeMatrix. Jeff is a propeller head but he keeps it just dumbed down enough for me to get it. His company has built a really smart real-time preference based search and deliver tool. With current search a la Google, once you get half way down the page of search results, it falls apart and the cruff level rises dramatically. Anyone disagree?

RTM overcomes that by serving a persistent query that is able to correlate your preferences across multiple descriptive dimensions. On a test of 20,000 search terms run across a million search items, RTM turned up 13 responses. All were highly relevant to the original query. RTMs accuracy levels are an order of magnitude better than Google. In the corporate world, that matters – hugely. Relevant information is not only more valuable but the times savings in research are enormous.

As I???ve written before, RTM has teamed up with Attensa, which understands corporate demands for RSS readers very well. However, RTM isn???t limited to the deep pockets of large enterprise. It is developing very smart widgets that you can use to deliver highly personalised work related tasks. RTM will immediately straddle the market so that SMBs will find the offering affordable. And useful. They are a little way off :???Q1??? is the word, but they???ll be an exciting step forward with much more to come.


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