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Taking the complexity out

At Attensa we work with complex organizations that are solving complex problems.  Effectively managing information and knowledge is a core part of the business strategies of these organizations.

But often complexity begets complexity.  In the universe of business and professional information services, the complexity wave has been playing out for decades as providers and their customers struggle with applying pre-digital content metaphors to a digital world. Huge advances in business process and communications technologies have largely been layered on top of each other. The supply of information is growing rapidly while the attitudes and preferences of the recipients evolve from the apps they use in their personal lives.  A few years ago Shelia Jordan, then VP of Communication and Collaboration at Cisco summarized the challenge in this video clip.

The opportunity to leverage the abundance of information is greater today than ever.  But complexity is masking our ability to utilize this information to achieve results, business or professional. The potential exists and if wielded correctly, it can dramatically improve innovation, competitiveness and execution in any business.

Across industry business types and sizes, the general common trait each organization seeks to embody is the ability to refine information into specific topics that are essentially personalized for people who need the information. This simplified definition reduces the complexity of getting the right information, to the right people where and when they need it. It is not hard. It just takes fresh thinking that putting people and the topics that they care about at the center the design.

Without systems that address the complexity of information systems inside and outside the organization their most valuable asset –  people – are turned into information scavengers, hunters and gatherers that spend more time foraging than thinking. Worse yet, this situation sucks up the one resource that is finite – our own attention. Here at Attensa are constantly working towards building a platform for people that are connected by their devices, simplifying the process of information management, and relieving the complexity pain point.




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