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We turn otherwise overwhelming amounts of information into personalized briefings that people love and that provide insight on the topics that are important to them and their work and lives.


We all confront a similar question. What do I need to know today?

It’s a simple, very important question – that's often very hard to answer.  

Because what you need to know is somewhere in the daily deluge of information flowing at a hyper-pace from countless sources as text, audio, and video.  

News alerting services, websites, social media, and RSS don’t solve the problem – they add to it.

And search solves problems for advertisers –  not you.

Information abundance has turned us all into digital hunters and gathers. But we simply don’t have the time and attention to keep up with what is personally relevant and important.

Neither do our teammates, employees, customers, or partners.

That is a big problem. It is also a big opportunity with consequences for how we make decisions, solve problems, learn, serve and grow customers, innovate, understand markets, shape strategy, and manage risks…… 

If we are going to take advantage of the information and associated knowledge that is available to us we need to innovate approaches that require less time and attention.

We believe it's time for something different – that is smart, personalized, proactive, and harnesseses the collective intelligence of teams. 

Where some see an overwhelming blur of information flowing past we see nuggets of personally relevant information and insights.  

While others want to steal your attention and sell it, we want to help you preserve it, and focus it on what’s important to you. 

To do this we created a new layer of technology that captures the flow of information from sources you trust then applies machine learning to understand it and refine it into the topics that match what you and your team need to know. 

Then we deliver updates as personalized briefings to the channels and tools you already use – that people love because they answer the question – what do I need to know today?  

We hope you join us.


Charlie Davidson

Founder & CEO

Director Schmitt Industries, Senior leadership positions at StatiaFX (cofounder, acquired by Financial Profiles), Crabbe Huson Group (acquired by Liberty Financial), Co-Operations (co-founder), attorney, Garvey, Schubert & Barer.
Hans Witt


Senior leadership positions at Haley Systems (co-founder, acquired by Oracle), Intel and Microsoft.
Blake Beisecker


Senior technical leadership positions at Jyte, Second Porch (acquired by Homeaway), and Snapnames.
Phil Craven

Principal Engineer

Senior engineering and engineering management at Marketo, Stayhound (founder), Benchmark Grading (CTO/founder), and SnapNames.
Chris Morton


Senior marketing and corporate development leadership positions at NAVEX Global, Thomson Reuters. Board member at 2 start ups with successful exits; currently on the Boards of DealVector and GroundTruth AG
Ron Sheridan

Director of Business Development

Leadership and senior business development positions at Kickstart Ventures (founder), Pree Media (co-founder), (CEO/co-founder), and (co-founder/Director of Business Development).

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