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The Best Way to Get Started with Enterprise RSS is to Take the Wheel

We’ve made it easier to evaluate and pilot the Attensa Feed Server with a free trial version which can be downloaded immediately from The trial version is a fully functional version of the Attensa Feed Server that supports five locally configured users, unlimited groups, unlimited feeds and can be quickly installed on the evaluator???s hardware.

  • Up in running in about 20 minutes
  • Unlimited Feeds
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Your data on your server

The Attensa Feed Server is a virtual appliance that provides enterprise customers with centralized administration, routing, security, search, synchronization, analytics and reporting for enterprise-wide RSS coordination. It brings together all of the tools IT administrators, team leaders and users need to manage and streamline the delivery of critical business information using web feeds behind the firewall.

The virtual appliance version of the Feed Server was created using rPath’s rBuilder, an engine for creating and maintaining software appliances that combines applications with system software and a  streamlined operating system that runs on industry standard hardware or in virtualizes environments. Our friends at rPath guided us through the process from start to finish.