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The Enterprise 2.0 Uncoalition – A New Summer of Love?

I'm in Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference today. Got in Monday after taking the redeye from Portland. I sat down yesterday with Alex Dunn who is blogging and podcasting the conference for CMP. I'll post a link when the podcast is up.

Today is focused on connecting with the people who are driving the promise of connection, collaboration and change through Enterprise 2.0 technologies and tools.

E2.0_UN_logo It's the 40th anniversary of another big catalyst of connection, collaboration and change…the Summer of Love. In that spirit we are trying a new approach. We are quietly kicking off the Enterprise 2.0 Uncoalition today at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. Janet Johnson is blogging about it here.

The concept is to start a discussion and create the connections and integration points that will make Enterprise 2.0 technologies and products work together for real people. So customers can pick and choose, mix and match the best of breed products they need to solve their specific communication challenges.

Beneath the promise of Enterprise 2.0 apps things are missing.

Some of the obvious missing pieces are:

  • The ability to securely and seamlessly move attachments from publishing platforms through feeds to desktop, web and mobile feed readers
  • Consistent tagging across collaborative publishing and feed serving and reading platforms to make folksonomies and searching viable across tools
  • Dealing with identity and security across apps – to many passwords…so little time.
  • The ability to easily create custom feeds from blog and wiki apps that get the right information to the right people with no information overload or underload.

We've already started the conversation with Foldera and Jive and this is just the beginning. The are nearly 50 companies exhibiting at the conference.

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