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The Power of Tables for Admininstration

As the number of people using the StreamServer within an organization grows the demands on administration increase. This is particularly true for managing source aggregation, outbound Streams and people. To address this we are introducing new table views that come with a number of added benefits.


The tables provide a much more responsive and flexible experience for administration.  For example, check boxes provide rapid multi-select capability, bulk actions allow common tasks to be applied across many items simultaneously, and detailed views are just one click away in a pop-up window.


An added benefit to tables is that they also provide integrated reporting and sorting based on a number of common metrics.  For example, if you want to know what new sources have been added and by whom just use the source aggregation table and sort on the ‘date created' column.  Similarly, to find the most subscribed Streams or the most activity select and sort the associated column.


Source Aggregation Manager displays all the sources currently aggregated by the StreamsServer along with relevant metrics about the source such as:

  • When the source was last updated, how many items have been added to it and how many items are typically added in each aggregation cycle
  • How many people use the source and how many items in the source have been read
  • We have also added scheduling to allow sources to be assigned to aggregation cycle times that you can define

Stream Manager displays all of the Streams that have been created on the StreamServer. In addition to RSS feeds this includes SmartStreams, Search  Streams and Streams generated through publisher integrations. Any of these types can be quickly filtered for viewing. The detail includes:

  • The number of active subscribers
  • The number of items contained in the Stream
  • How many reads have occurred

User Table displays users and their activity levels. The detail includes:

  • Last login and whether the user is active
  • Reading activity
  • Whether or not they receive email briefings

The table approach provides better visibility and flexibility for StreamServer administrators in organizations of all sizes. We are looking forward to sharing this release.

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