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The view from here on Attensa for Outlook .97

To everyone who has given us feedback on Attensa for Outlook .97 – thank you.

Because we are giving bleeding edge access to our
pre-releases, there are going to be times when features are missing and new features "just don't cut it".  To an extent this is intentional. There is so much we want to add to the Attensa RSS network, it is our hope that your feedback on these pre-release features will point us in the right direction on performance, fit and finish as we move toward a 1.0 release.

With the release of Attensa for Outlook .97 we focused on adding new
capabilities rather than fixing known problems. We've been sifting and
sorting the feedback and have come up with a
prioritized list of fixes and features we are working on for the next
release. We completely understand that everyone wants their specific
issue addressed or feature request implemented first. In this case we
decided to go with majority rules rather than the squeeky wheel axiom.

Here's our prioritized list of upcoming fixes and features:

  • Tackle Outlook performance
  • Publishing debug
  • Adding "update now" control to manually update feeds
  • Add auto update UI
  • Next new feature – Categories/Folder Management

In addition to putting out .97 we've been working on a number of major projects behind the scenes. Between meetings with customers and VCs, we are working to bring up Attensa for Web, the free online RSS reader providing a personal and privacy protected Web page for reading and managing RSS articles and subscriptions.

Attensa for Web and Attensa for Outlook will use a uniquely scalable bi-directional synchronization system to keep subscriptions and articles up to date whether they are accessed from the Web or from Outlook.

With the introduction of Attensa for Web you'll be able to choose between using Attensa for Outlook as a stand-alone, using Attensa for Web or using both to take advantage of the convenience of being able to access your RSS feeds in Outlook at work and online from any PC and having your feeds and articles up to date.

There's more to come. We will be opening an controlled beta of Attensa for Web soon. Look for an invitation to participate.



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