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[Infographic] The Vital Role of Information in Workplace Collaboration

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled Workplace Collaboration: The Importance of Information Sharing. We got some positive feedback on the post so our marketing guys have pulled together the same basic narrative but in the form of an infographic with lots of supporting data points. Here’s the outline:

  • Important trends are changing the way we work together.
  • Concerned by these trends, employers are taking steps to improve workplace collaboration.
  • But the role of information in the collaborative process is misunderstood.
  • Effective collaboration requires people and information in the context of work.
  • Our current models of workplace collaboration—email, intranets, knowledge management, etc — are too disconnected.
  • We can solve this problem by focusing on the following principles:
    • Centralizing information management
    • Providing information in the context of work
    • Individualizing engagement
    • Measuring performance and activity

This is a timely and important topic — we had fun putting together the data that supports the narrative. Enjoy!




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