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The Wall Street Journal on Attention and Ultimately Attensa

Jeremy Wagstaff is writing about Attention in his Loose Wire column in the Wall Street Journal and he’s mentions Attensa in his Loose Wire blog.

We couldn’t agree more with his take away. “This is just the beginning. Further down the track, tools like Particls (and Attensa – my edit) will feed into our attention streams to find out what we’re paying attention to and use that information to further hone their grasp of what we want to know. Expect them to continue the march of personalizing not just your hunt for information but the way it’s delivered to you — when, where and how.”

Attensa’s first step is the automatic prioritization of articles based on your reading behaviors. Location is playing a role with the ability to channel specific feeds to specific access points (the Web, the desktop, your smartphone and instant messaging)so the information you want (and just the information you want) shows up where you want it.