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Topic Intelligence

This past year Attensa introduced an entirely new platform. It evolved from our ongoing discussions with customers and mission to create systems that empower people to work smarter and more effectively by leveraging information and knowledge.

The common objective that info and knowledge management professionals shared with us was “how can we better utilize the information we have and make sure it gets to the right people?” The fundamental challenge is not access to information it is the ability to focus attention on the information that matters.

In the context of business organizations there are many important topics. It is a classic long-tail problem. Every organization has a diverse set of topics that matter and those topics evolve or change over time as do the sources of information. Across the workforce there are many combinations of these topics that are relevant to person, group or project.

In other words the goal is topic intelligence. If there are simple and effective tools for team and enterprise communication why aren't there any for topic intelligence? So we built one.




Topic intelligence addresses a number of challenges in the digital workplace.  Most importantly it simplifies and takes the pain out of hunting down, assembling and sharing content.  People get topic briefings that save them time and allow them to work smarter while organizations get real-time insights into what is important to them.

It is well documented how much time is lost in the workplace by people trying to find information. Consider the sobering observations below.


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