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“We don’t have too much information – we don’t have enough of the RIGHT information”

That is how Cindy Romaine introduced a review the Attensa StreamServer by UK based FreePint.

Reviewer Scott Brown observes: “So what makes the StreamServer different? It was built to address not just the issue of information overload, but the idea of focussing on ‘information that matters, and ignoring the rest so we have the capacity to think, collaborate and innovate using the most current and relevant information available.'

You can download the executive summary of Scott Brown's review of the Attensa StreamServer here. If you would like the full report please send us a message at and will send it to you. Here are some of FreePint's take-aways:

Curation feature for streams, which allows human intervention prior to publication of content.

  • Focus on user “attention” – gives visibility to content that is resonating with users and groups.
  • “More like this” feature which identifies related content.
  • User dashboard layout is clean and attractive; extremely easy for users to add content to dashboards.
  • Ability to customize content purge dates by source, so that content availability limitations imposed by publishers can be honored.
  • Users can add their own sources and feeds. The plus: customers get to customize and tailor their information flow and can add content feeds on-the-fly.

Download the Executive Summary.

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