How it works

Attensa is a SaaS, information hub that delivers the right information, to the right people, in context of their research

With each interaction, the Attensa software gets smarter and users gain more value

It ingests all chosen, available internal and external information sources, and organizes information topically based on the specific needs of individuals and their teams.  Personalized updates are delivered where and when desired.

Attensa is an innovative Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform

Individuals, their teams and organizations all benefit from the confidence that they are efficiently finding the most relevant information on each topic.  And the collaboration features of Attensa software allow teams and organizations to leverage the brain power and insights of every person on the platform.


The cloud-based nature of Attensa software makes it extremely simple and fast to get started

Create your first topic or visit the Topic Marketplace to discover topics created by others.

You’ll immediately have access to thousands of content sources including general news sites, journals, industry news, government repositories, blogs and thought leadership via social platforms.  And you can add your own internal or external sources.

You’ll be taking advantage of Attensa within minutes.  And, of course, you can always contact us and we will set you up.


We designed and built Attensa to deliver performance, stability, and security

Data is encrypted in transit and in storage

SAML-based single sign-on authentication (SSO)

Ongoing third-party vulnerability scans

Best in class platform and service delivery partners

Through our work with the world’s leading publishers, we are also committed to the proper, legal use of licensed content providing tools and access controls necessary to do so.


We are happy to discuss any questions you have.