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Why we do what we do

A recent discussion with a customer centered on better decision making as their core business objective for the Attensa server. It was interesting and blunt. Better information, better decisions. Every employee, regardless of their place in the organization makes many decisions on a daily basis. Regardless of the complexity of the decision, better inputs makes for better decisions and better decisions drive better execution, innovation etc.
At the recent ReadWriteWeb Real Time Summit there were similar conversations. You might think that getting a bunch of bleeding edge real-time geeks together would lead to a bunch of esoteric discussions. There were some (I would have been disappointed otherwise). However, many of the discussions both casual and coordinated centered on how we leverage the “real time web” to support better decisions ranging from customer interactions, advertising, branding and investment.
Purpose is a good thing. There is a pleasant simplicity in notion of enabling better decisions. This is particularly true given that current technology marketing can be full of references to “social”, “real-time”, “collaboration”, “Web 2.0”, “Enterprise 2.0”, “Semantic Web” to name a few. Then there is always the venerable and controversial “Enterprise RSS”. I am not condemning these terms. They are just more impactful when tied to business results.
This is a nice framework for us to lead into future posts relating to solution designs using Attensa to facilitate the flow of information and knowledge between users and systems within the overall enterprise environment ….. and thus enable better decisions…..
The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is coming up in San Francisco. If you are attending drop us a note and I look forward to the discussions that take place there.