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Yea…. what he said….

This is just a quick post to echo the comments this weekend by Dave Winer and Fred Wilson regarding RSS syndication.
Fred Wilson explains why RSS is alive and well and the premise of calling it dead is silly. See the post here.
Dave Winer contributes his view with this post explaining value of RSS from both a practical and technical perspective.
I had planned a longer post on the issue at some point soon. Particularly the notion that the new kid “Twitter” is knocking the old kid “RSS” off the block because of Twitters real time nature. Dave Winer tackles this issue nicely in his post. I am tempted to rest on a resounding “yea….what he said” response.
However, the issue I want to explore is still outstanding and it relates to the difference between real time and real awareness because in many contexts real awareness trumps real time for value.
Also it is worth noting the news today of WordPress support for RSSCloud see ReadWriteWeb here or TechCrunch here. Not to mention the recent announcement of Pubsubhubbub. Both approaches implement instant notifications for RSS. Seems like we are just getting started……